Does having two pistols serve any purpose.

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by fruyoops, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. fruyoops

    fruyoops New Member

    They both have the same magazine
  2. marine121496

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    -_- uhhhhh do you have a primary? If so probably not. Buy more mags instead of the extra pistol.

  3. Zak17

    Zak17 New Member

    Maybe if they are cheap springers to have an extra "semi auto" shot. But then you have to reload both
  4. Sophomore

    Sophomore New Member

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    Yes. It's a fail safe for the fail safe.

    Pulling out your second pistol is faster then reloading your first pistol.
  5. BoogerMc

    BoogerMc Airsoft Jedi Master Supporting Member

    I carry several guns in a game, my primary, my shotgun, and two matching pistols. Ideally, if one plays as if they are in a real life situation, one makes use of these guns. The primary is for main play and attack/defense, the pistols are for in-close fighting and back-up if the primary has an issues that cannot be immediately addressed. The shotgun is the additional optional back-up and in-close gun, it is also good for room clearing/breaching maneuvers.

    Mind you I said if one plays as if they are in a real life situation. Otherwise, a primary gun is all that is really necessary in most skirmish type games. In the games I generally play and the people I usually play with, I seldom make use of my other guns. However, there is also the coolness/intimidation factor to consider; in this case, if one goes into a game armed like The Punisher, then one better be able to put-up or they should just shut-up, if you know what I mean.
  6. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye New Member

    there are many times I use my pistol over my primary in tight areas. less cumbersome for tight corners and so on. so yes.
  7. npav85

    npav85 New Member

    I would just stick with one on the field cause if they take the same magazines you can just combine them all and save weight.
  8. bonnax

    bonnax New Member

    I've played a few CQB games dual weilding, it's a lot of fun and can be quite intimidating.

    As Dead Eye said they're a lot smaller and so it's easier to get round corners or tight spaces

    I'd say it's worse to have two if they're springers - much easier and faster to only have to cock one
  9. Knief

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    This guy begs to differ:

    If you're practiced, it'll be much faster to reload a mag than to grab a new pistol, reholster the old pistol, get a positive grip on the new pistol, aim and fire. Oh, you're just going to grab it with your weak hand and blast away? Have fun not hitting anything.

    I used to carry multiple pistols because I thought it was fun. I never used them. At best, they were loaned out mid-game to guys who ran out of ammo or had their AEG die on them. That's it. Get spare mags, save yourself the weight and the space, and don't carry two pistols.
  10. zdog

    zdog New Member

    Yeah it does because if someone-comes and you use all your bbs go for the other gun
  11. alex

    alex New Member

    it's similar to using two AEG's. you can provide cover support for two different locations.