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Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by jon_wallace95, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. jon_wallace95

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    What is your dream airsoft project? If you had no money limit to build this one gun, what gun would it be? What attachments would it have? Paint/color? Don't list all the upgrade parts cause that would take forever, so we will all just imagine it as fully upgraded to the max.

    I'll start, full metal m4a1, flip up iron sights, Eotech holographic sight, crane stock, angled foregrip, full ris top rail, peq laser/flashlight, strobe flashlight on an offset mount set to 3 flashes a second for cqb room clearing, another upper receiver with an extended barrel for improved accuracy, on the extended upper a 4x zoom scope, metal retractable bipod, suppressor to fit both uppers, full metal construction on all of the above.
  2. S0m3_0n3

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    definitely would want a want to build a wa2000 based off of candyman's work

  3. Rocky

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    I'd want to build a p* Mk18 mod1,But for now I'll be building an aeg mk18 mod 1.