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DSG FPS Inconsistency/Build Thread

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Hey guys, I recently have been working on a DSG build, but I've run into either one or multiple problems depending on if they're related. My fps is inconsistent on semi, fluctuating between 380-360 fps. On full auto, fps is even worse. One day it was around 360, so not bad. But the next day it was in the 250-300 fps range, so I don't know what happened there. Full auto shot pattern literally looks like a shotgun spread, though at least it is feeding.
Here's my parts list:

-18:1 stock gear set with shs DSG gear and stock tappet plate (<11mm)
⁃ shs high strength polycarbonate piston (SS + SC)
⁃ Matrix silent piston head (aluminum)
⁃ ASG 30k boost
⁃ Gate titan mosfet (dsg setting)
⁃ Maxx Model CNC aluminum hopup (pro model)
⁃ G&G hopup bucking (cold-resistant)
⁃ Matrix CNC aluminum air seal nozzle (ground off <.25 mm)
⁃ Matrix silent cylinder head (aluminum)
⁃ m150 spring
⁃ 265 mm inner barrel
⁃ ported cylinder

DIY mods done:
⁃ Shimming
⁃ Tappet return spring -4 coils
⁃ Everything greased/lubed accordingly

***tested with 11.1 v 2200mah 25-30c lipo and .20 gram bbs***

Most of these parts, including the hopup, bucking, nozzle, and tappet plate were used in my 12:1 SSG build, which worked just fine. I had this same problem with the SSG build but solved it by grinding <.25 mm off of the nozzle which made my fps more consistent; when it did change it was +-10 fps. Still using these parts, but encountered the same problem again albeit worse. I had already cut 2 coils off my tappet return spring, and then did the tissue test. Paper was blown off, so I thought that my nozzle wasn't returning fast enough. I then cut off 2 more coils. Paper moved slightly after that (but still quite noticeable on auto). So in total there are at least 4 coils cut off my tappet return spring and I'm still having the tissue kinda pushed off. At this point I'm even considering that the nozzle might be a hair too short (thanks to me grinding a bit off), causing hopup compression issues.

Note: This is my first DSG build, so by far I don't know everything. Any help is appreciated.
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I do think your nozzle is too short.

And burping pressure early is going to cause your FPS fluctuations.
Are you referring to the seal between nozzle and air tube from cylinder?
Fluid Dynamics say that pressure loss via that direction is "irrelevant". Most people actually don't understand how "flow" moves.

All the top makers of AEG's know this and that is why their nozzles don't "seal". Krytac, Tokyo Marui, VFC...etc

Try is with any nozzle on hand...and see what you get.

O-Rings were used early on to address tolerance and alignment issue and not sealing issues...

There are so many things that are misconstrued in this sport....cough...bearing on spring guide and piston head...cough.
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You can grind down the rails or enlarge the channel on the piston.

A good set of jewelers files should be in any tech kit for Airsoft.

You know, because in this day in age due to lack of will need to do a LOT of hand fitting.
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Any hard rough finely poured concrete...
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Your FA numbers is all over the board...302-331
Do all your tappets look like that with that "abrupt" transition?

I had the impression it should be smoother and on further review...shouldn't that be cut off more?
Do all your tappets look like that with that "abrupt" transition?

I had the impression it should be smoother and on further review...shouldn't that be cut off more?

Like this:

Gear Engineering Fashion accessory Auto part Circle

Gear Tool Bicycle part Auto part Machine
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Top one looks like a V3 Tappet.
Was that an optical illusion or is it shorter? doesn't look like it...
Double bearings...

Remove them, not needed. Loose is fine, allow the spring to not "bind", not that a Guarder will.

Plus, it's doesn't pre-load it, pushing up your rating to the next level.
I mentioned in another thread those FR pistons are inferior and you have to prep them perfectly with the right adhesive (CA) or it will strip out the back.
Look at Post 9 on this thread.

The Double Support FR piston is shown there...
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Krytac encourages use of underpowered packs to keep their AEG's from "overspinning".
ummm...I think those are fake 2400mahs...

That looks like a HJ LIPO..and knowing HPA...
They don't make a 2800mah cell in that profile...I know...I looked for them.

Judging by the thickness in that image...

Each of their cells looks like 2 1400mah cells in series and then three pods of them in parallel.

Cost for that pack is 18.00 if it is indeed made of 6 1400mah that means...they fleece the player again for 40.00, not as bad as Titan...
Rebrander...a Chinese Titan Battery company....and why not...US general player base thinks all MFG adverts is the Gospel.

Notice Hadron Website offers absolutely No Details on the specs of their cells.

Proof is in the pudding...and I don't even see the pudding...

Hmm...I think they are the same Group. Note website has a similar "DNA" between the "two" companies...

And yes, they are the same company...

Domain is hosted by the same AZ company for both Domains and Warhead About Us page points to Ko-Industries.
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BlueMax is a 3rd party brand that the "factory" uses to sell on their own...that factory is an "assembly" factory that also does Titan LION.
Leave your upper off. Watch piston position after each shot. Does it stop in the same place each time?
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