Dual mags

Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by AKJoker, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. AKJoker

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    I've found a good way to duct tape my AK74 mags together with on facing up and one down. Has anyone else tried this? If so tell me how it worked
  2. Sparky_D

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    Pierce County
    AK users have been doing this for many, many decades.

    Works great if you only have 2 magazines or run double wide pouches, not so great if you're running single mag pouches...

  3. Ghost-1

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    I have done this before it works well
  4. SilentVectorX

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    Exactly. It's great if you only have two mags. You might have trouble if you get dirt/mud into your spare from going prone or whatever, so watch out for that.

    On the other hand, if you plan on shooting a whole heck of a lot, learning how to draw mags, swap mags, and store the empties fast is probably the way to go.
  5. airsoftaddict89

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    I've been duck taping mags together before black ops 1 was even advertised. They work very well. As long as you have a dump pouch. I only duck tape two mags together, once those mags are out I go back to single mags.