dumb/random idea for a fusion engine

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  1. Dillonisgod69

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    Now I know this might be dumb but I wonder. Let say I get a 20$spring m4. Can I stick a p* engine in it.
  2. brokenarrow

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    If you do I'll put my JACK in a shotgun

  3. ThePinballWiz

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    If it's TM spec then yes
  4. theonlyBuster

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    Agreed ThePinballWiz. If it's TM-spec, then yes it's fairly simple.
    As most $20 guns aren't, natively I doubt it's going to work. If you have a slew of tools and experience machining, you can likely modify the gun to properly fit the gearbox. But that begs the question of "how much is your time worth?". If you value your time it may make more sense to just buy a used/broken gun, gut the internals and install your HPA system. But then again, if you're like me and you like tinkering, it could very well be a good weekend project to undertake.

    But getting back on point, I doubt a $20 AEG is TM-spec. And in order for it to work, you'd likely need to break out the tools and "hand carve" it into place.

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  5. LegacyAirsoft

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    No spring gun is TM spec, its a spring gun.

    However you can buy a really cheap plastic AEP if it uses a TM spec gearbox and you can throw an inferno, jack or mkII in it.

    Other than that, refer to what Buster posted.