E&L AK74MN Build

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  1. banana

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    Here is my E&L AK74MN.


    Guarder SP110 spring
    Guarder steel spring guide
    SHS 15 steel teeth piston
    SHS aluminum piston head (with G&P bearing and G&P nylon spacer)
    SHS stainless steel cylinder head (double o-ring)
    Sorbopad 70D + Rubberpad
    SHS stainless steel cylinder (full type)
    SHS aluminum nozzle (o-ring)
    SHS steel bushings
    SHS 13:1 GENIII gears
    SHS shims
    SHS steel ARL
    JG Blue motor
    SHS steel pinion gear
    Madbull 6.03 455mm steel TBB
    Maple Leaf 60D bucking
    Maple Leaf flatnub
    SHS steel hopup adjustment lever
    GATE NanoASR mosfet
    Silverplated tefloncoated wire
    Deans connector
    US Palm pistol grip

    It shoots 350FPS with .25g at 15rps on 7.4v 1300mah 25C battery. Nothing impressive, just a reliable setup which must meet 400FPS filed limit and not being a spraying gun. Trigger response with this motor and gears is amazing! It is accurate up to 60 meters, but I will install R-hop anyway.

    I have two US Palm 120rd mags on the way and I may get a genuine BP-02 side rail mount and a scope.




  2. Rushin

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    Neat! I should be doing this soon with an AKs-74u I'll be receiving.