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Ebr m-14

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Ebr m-14 Bone Collector

Echo 1 EBR M-14 Shoots acuratly 200 ft at 430 fps, fully auto. 2 Hi cap Mags Custom Skulls Kryptek/Octogon Paint. Ill throw in a spare battery I have for the right trade. Looking for a good loadout. Vest, Pistol, Holster, Mag Pouches, Helmet, Goggles, Mask, Knee Pads. Ive got about $250-$300 invested so Im looking for close to equal amount of Gear. Looking for 1911 style Pistol but may consider Glock.


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I painted this a couple of weeks ago, it looks really good. I used Krylon Rustolium Flat White and Flat Black with Matte Clear. Should hold up pretty good!

Im looking for a Green Gas Pistol no Co2. Ohh and Thanx for looking!
It looks really good! Would you consider rifle trades as well?
Possibly.... im pretty set on the rifle i want though!
Possibly.... im pretty set on the rifle i want though!
Which one do you want?
Okay, would you consider an A&K Two tone masada with a black PTS Handguard?
Possibly, can i see some pics? i looked it up on google, kinda looked simular to a Scar... All Metal assembly? ROF, FPS? Any upgrades? Any Problems?
Poly lower, metal upper, my chrono just broke but I believe it shoots 350 or so with .25s. ROF seems to be stock, 12-13 RPS.

It has a high torque motor, it's been shimmed, re-wired, wired to deans, stronger spring, and I think a new bucking. It is pretty similar to a scar.

The only think I'd call a "problem" is that it has the right selector switch removed, so if you're a lefty, you're out of luck.
Once I get home from work I'll edit pictures in.

I also see you're looking for some gear, would you be interested in a TLBV-88?
Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory


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Looks good. What all is on TLBV-88?
It's static so it's 4 mag pouches, and 2 grenade pouches, with alice straps on the back.
Color? I am interested. Unfortunately I havnt traded online like this before. How we gonna do this?
Ive got mostly Digital hoping to try and keep my loadout looking good is the only reason I asked on the color of TLBV-88.
Ah, I see. Unfortunately, it's in woodland.

The way online trades work is that whoever has the lowest rep ships or pays first.
Doesn't really matter I need Gear.. I've got a gun case for it. Do you have one for yours? I'll post pic of it if you need me to.
Any mags or anything going with it?
Any mags or anything going with it?
I have a gun bag I can include, and it will come with 2 high caps and a Ni-Mh wired to deans. Comes with the flip-up sights on top as well.

Does your gun have any upgrades in it?
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