Echo 1 AK700 Loadout

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  1. monster06010

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    Package includes :

    - Echo 1 Ak700 with original box.

    - Original 8.6v battery and 9.6v Stick.

    - Original trickle charger.

    - 2 G&P mid caps and 4 high cap magazines.

    - 1 speed loader

    - AK ACU Harness, holds 6 mags.

    So this package basically includes everything you will need to get on the field, minus your goggles/mask. I have fielded this gun 5 times and it is a very solid AEG. Being all metal it feels like you are running around with a real AK. With the 9.6v in it shoots 370 fps. Personally I hate to part with this gun but I have been eyeing the Tippmann M4 for far too long.

    $250 Shipped to the lower 48. PayPal only

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1446906170.381110.jpg

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1446906524.206903.jpg

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1446906580.608807.jpg

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1446906238.000623.jpg

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1446906376.416504.jpg

    I can send more pictures on request.
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    Could you drop the price any

  3. monster06010

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    Ordered a 6.01 Angel Barrel, 5 Midcaps, 11.1 lipo, scope mount & scope. Price will probably be a bit higher to reflect the new parts.