Echo 1 AR57 FOR SALE

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    I want to sell this piece to make room for my new M4 DSG build, I have taken very good care of this gun and it is a very reliable piece. I have played around 5 games with this gun, not to much spam on the trigger, everything works fine in the gearbox, I have never opened the gearbox or disassembled the gun besides the removal of the tamiya and soldering on of the deans connectors. 16mm rails are very helpful, I will include a red dot if you want me to, and a stubby grip if you would like. Gun comes with original box, and 500 .20g bbs

    Echo 1 AR57 for sale!
    Discontinued by Echo 1, a very rare find, under the Echo 1 branding, a very unique piece.
    Specs include:
    -Perfect working condition
    -Echo 1 trade marks
    -Laser engraved logo
    -Full metal gearbox
    -Full Metal body
    -Shoots 390 FPS with .20g
    -Range is around 200 feet
    -ROF: 14rps with 9.6, and 18rps with 11.1
    -Wired to deans
    Bonus items:
    5 P90 mid caps
    P90 mag vest

    I’m asking $220, HMU with offers, all offers will be responded to
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