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    hey guys I just got an echo 1 m14 first run production. what's different about it? is it good? internals different?
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    Never heard of a "first run production". But if I had to answer, I'd say the first batch that were made with Echo's specs. I doubt it's really a collector's item any more than it's a standard airsoft weapon. It probably has a few flaws or parts that aren't as "good" as the newer models.
    Overall, I'd expect the same or nearly the same performance at the newer models and CYMA M14 (since it is originally CYMA). Obviously a slight velocity difference, Madbull hop-up parts, and bearings as opposed to bushings.

    This is one of those things where you'd probably need you'd probably need to disassemble the gun in order to get concise answers.

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    I have a friend who got a echo 1 m14, greatest gun for about a year until it started crumbling into pieces after a short fall. It is currently being held together by duct tape
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    If I'm not mistaken, it's identical to the CYMA M14 literally.

    Only thing that has changed is the box and the ECHO1 insignia painted on.
    Still have the CYMA trades on the gearbox.

    Unfortunately, they didn't change out the CYMA hop bucking. So that's still CYMA.

    Only thing that has changed.... Can't tell. Looks the same to me lol. They didn't change to their famous "ball bearings" either lol.

    But all in all, the gun will last a long time :)
    Nothing different really. Re-branded. The ECHO1 shoots a little lower in fps at 360-370. Probably has like a M110 spring in it. While the CYMA M14 has a M115-M120 shooting 390-400 fps. That's with stock crapping compression.
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    It's a cyma with echo1 trades but they sell it for $70 more than the cyma.