Echo 1 OCW heavily upgraded, need a new piston and head, Semi aesthetically boneyard

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    I have today two ak's for sale. The Ocw is a dmr style platform with an extensive upgrades list:
    -Lonex shell
    -lonex gears
    -lonex tappet
    -guarder cut off lever
    -guarder/shs bore up kit
    -madbull tbb
    Can also include a BTC Chimera mk2 for extra. I don't have the cash to put into it or else I'd fix it myself and sell. I'm looking for 300 obo and shipping, and 400 obo with the chimera.
    The ak700 is missing the l block for the hop up and the folding stock spring, but is other wise 100% stock and functional[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]