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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Napple, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Napple

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    Hey everyone i just wantes to get some opinions on my new replica.
    I just recently got an echo 1 platinum edition vfc m4.
    It shoots very nice but i need a new motor. Mainly for better trigger response, not really rof.
    Externally it looks like the pics below... Should i make it two tone tan and black? I figure i could get a tan ctr stock and paint some accesories tan. Any other ideas? All ideas are welcome. Thanks!

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  2. Foshizl

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    St. Louis
    What look are you going for mainly? USMC? Ranger? SEAL? PMC?
    Looks great btw. Very nice! Looks a bit front heavy though.

  3. Napple

    Napple New Member

    It'sa little bit front heavy, i dont really plan on keeping the launcher anyway. And i never really thought about it because im not really going for an impression. Right now i just want it to look tacticool. Im goon to get rid of the launcher. Im mostly going to use it for cqb, im thinkingnof putting a peq 15 on top, and rail covers on the sides
  4. Ehudakineyah

    Ehudakineyah New Member

    Doesn't look very "tacticool" with the fake Madbull type grenade launcher on the front :/ lol. Fake meaning its not a real thing lol.

    Rail covers would be a plus :)

    I would personally just take the grenade launcher off and add a Flashlight Grip of some sorts.

    Or... Hell.... Throw on a Bipod ;) hahahahaha lol Jk Jk
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  5. Napple

    Napple New Member

    So let me get this straight... you're saying that a fake grenade launcher looks bad on a fake gun and i should get a real one? I'm getting rid of the launcher anyway but i don't know what you qualify as fake and not fake in a sport where we use realistic replicas...

    I'll get rail covers eventually.

    bipod is even more pointless than a grenade launcher imo.
  6. Flocktime

    Flocktime New Member

    No no no I use my bipod. Little campers like me love bipods. For CQB it would be more useful as two horizontal bayonets. Like fangs. Get you a Afg to replace that grenader. And some nice Pmags. Mosfet, DIY mods, bucking change, TBB, fresh new grease and a 7.4 25c lipo. Two tone guns are just ugly. Use it and wear the externals out and it will look better than painting it. Black looks good on that.
  7. Napple

    Napple New Member

    Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking about an afg. And internally im keeping it the same (besides a motor. I have a dmr for outdoor use and this is accurate enough for cqb. All i need is instant trigger response and im happy.