Echo 1 redstar CPM (AKS-74u)

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  1. Kopis

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    I currently own this gun and its really starting to bore me I am a terrible technician so I am looking to install a 11.1v lipo, Echo 1's website claims its lipo ready but that's true for most decent guns it's just a matter of how long they last on a lipo. I am wondering how long the gun will last before it breaks (keep in mind I shoot a lot), and what lipos do you recommend. Also what do I need to charge a lipo correctly.
  2. corntato

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    Get your lipos off a hobby website like hobbyking. Get a imax b6 charger. Look around for a good deal on one

    Ive heard good things about redstar guns but the lipo will definitly shorten the life of your parts. But id say do it anyways and just upgrade the gun when you finally break something

  3. Ehudakineyah

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    That gun stock can last about a couple months stock on heavy trigger play on a smaller 11.1v LiPo. (30 amps and lower just to be safer)

    The gun is 7.4v LiPo ready lol. Same thing, I would try to stay in the 30 ish amp battery output range to be safe. Doesn't mean you can't. The fuse will blow at 30 anyways lol.
  4. S1kkguy

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    If anythings,your piston will fail first due to stripping, caused by the angle of engagement not being corrected. Never owned one of them so can't tell you their piston quality and the teeth. Stock spring shouldn't crack the reliable v3 gearbox so that's all good. 7.4v and you're good to go.
  5. Kopis

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    I'm looking for a lot higher ROF than I'm currently getting of a 9.2v Nimh (right? Or did I completely screw that up), will switching to a 7.4 or an 11.1v lipo make than big of a difference? Or should I swap out the motor and get better gears, again I have no idea what I'm talking about and no idea how to do what I just said.
  6. BlueReaper46

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    SHS 13:1 gears, Lonex Red Motor, Lonex red piston(Short stroked and swiss cheesed), air nozzle with O-Ring, M110 or higher spring(might be M100, i forget). Correct AOE, shim, Mosfet and LiPo, air seal. should give you a really good RoF.
  7. Sohte

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    Do everything he said, if the lonex motor is too expensive try an SHS High torque. As for mosfets there are some for sale in the classified that are all great.
  8. Uller

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    The first thing you have to do is define "good rate of fire".If your looking for mid twenties rps just upgrading to an 11.1v lipo can do that.A 25c or 30c discharge battery will do this.Theres no need to take the gun apart to up its performance for your needs at this point.If I were you I would get a lipo and lipo alarm,throw them in there,and run it till it eventually breaks.Use the time up till it does break to decide what you eventually want to do with it.
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    I think I'll just do thins, I understand what bluereaper46 said but there is no way I will be able to do it. Once I get the 416 I'm saving up for I will probably use this gun as a project gun and upgrade it but right now I'm gonna just up the battery. And can I hook a lipo up to the charger I have for my nimh battery? Or do I need a special charger/adaptor?
  10. Mel

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    No, you need a Lipo charger, preferably with a balancing feature. A decent charger can be found on radio controlled hobby websites such as A Main Hobbies and Tower Hobbies. A decent charger can be found for about $50. Since most Lipos come with Deans connectors, you will need to solder or buy an adapter to connect the battery to your AEG. A MOSFET will also be necessary to avoid burning out your trigger contacts. I am currently running my stock JG M16 with a 7.4V Lipo until something breaks. It will give me an excuse to upgrade my rifle.:)
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