Echo1 platinum edition m4 vs kwa m4a1

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Blizzard0201, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Blizzard0201

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    I personally have an echo1 platinum edition m4 and I'm wondering what are the differences between the kwa m4 and echo1 m4. In my opinion the echo1 m4 is better because it was made by echo1 and vfc.
  2. Ze_Glocksman

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    If you think it's better already then why are you asking for the differences? And what KWA m4 are we even comparing it to?

  3. Ehudakineyah

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    True lol.

    But if you need a "gun case" with your purchase, then buy the ECHO1 platinum lol.

    Don't quote me, or someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I think it's VFC externals, and JG/Chinese internals. Still had the ugly cast pot metal gearbox (Edit: idk why, But a few look better then others lol). Internals were not a mirror of VFC lol. But externally sound.
    People down here usually just buy them cause it comes with it's own hard case already lol. Easy sell.
    And fitting is VFC style.... Gangnam style :p.... Lol. Accepts Polar Star stuff perfectly with no mods. So I'm guessing its partially VFC externals lol ;D haha.

    Comparing to a KWA m4, idk which one you're talking about. But they hold their own as a AEG. Externally not as awesome, but still very nice for the price. They can last just as long if well taken care of lol. Internals might last a little longer. But eh... I always change internals out after I abuse the gun stock lol.
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    S. Florida
    This is how Echo works. They contact a manufacture and (after negotiations) Echo tells the manufacture what parts to put into the gun. For the most part it's the original manufactures parts with a few exceptions of higher quality or more durable parts. Remember, Echo is longevity in mind. From there, the company send the product to Echo where the quality test, then sends the products to stores.
    If you're gonna find any outside parts, typically it's Madbull products with the exception of a few parts.
    Just to that's been cleared up.
  5. TriadAirsoft

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    Like the others have said, what model of KWA, though it wont matter much because its all the same on the inside for the most part. The KWAs are the guns that can only be upgraded with SHS parts, and the VFC/E1 you will be able to upgrade better. If you want better externals, and the option of modifying your gun than go with the E1 platinum, if you want the great gun out of the box that wont need any work (my opinion) than get the KWA! Also for the guys saying that the E1 comes with a hard carrying case, it no longer comes with one! That was only on the first line of the guns made.
  6. Blizzard0201

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    Yah every one misunderstood me. I already have an echo 1 platinum m4 and it is awesome. I saw a video where a guy was comparing a kwa m4 and the echo1 platinum edition m4, I obviously think that the echo1 m4 is better, but I knew nothing about the kwa m4 and to me they seemed like the same gun. I just wanted to know if there were any differences and if so what are they. Also, sorry about not giving a specific name, the m4 I saw in the video was just called a kwa m4a1. Also it looks just like the echo1 platinum edition m4. Sorry for not being so specific.

    Thank you every1
  7. Ehudakineyah

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    Alrights man. And they don't really look the same in person :/ black? Lol

    Up close look totally different.

    As for internals, the long run winner would be the ECHO1/VFC.
    Out of the box, would be a KWA M4 series in general.

    Sale/price value would be the ECHO1 for the avid weekend warrior. Case and more come with the gun itself. Internals aren't Rated as high, but value is high.
    KWA is the gun is just the gun, mag, and box. Internals are slightly better OTB. And can achieve a little more range OTB. And can handle a higher voltage of battery on average stock. Less tech work needed OTB as well.

    Thanks for a clarification on your thread now. Hope the gun is performing well and all we can can do is wish for the best :) see yah out there