EF Tavor 21 (Competition/ Tan) FOR SALE -$90- NORTH TEXAS

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    Hi all! I am looking to get rid of my Elite Force Tavor (Tar-21). It is EXCELLENT condition and has only been used in about 5 games. It is the competition version, which means the externals are constructed of ABS plastic HOWEVER the gearbox is full metal and has never had any issues.

    There are two reasons as to why I am selling this for such a low price.
    1: It was owned by a friend of mine before he sold it to me for $120. However he quit airsoft soon after he bought the gun and only used it in 2 skirmishes.
    2: I know it is an inconvenience and it is sketchy, but I can only sell the gun in person and I would need the $90 in cash (aka I cannot ship this gun out to you if you wish to purchase it, you would have to come meet me in person). Mainly because I do not have a paypal or a credit card.

    I live in the Allen area which is east of Dallas. Please send me a message if you are interested in buying.

    Thank you,
    Matthew C.

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