EF/umarex co2 in stock, m4/416

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    This one flew under the radar. some may think abomination. youre not wrong. maybe im just fascinated with odd ball guns. this is indeed a weird one.

    summary: completely proprietary m4 style airsoft gun derived from 4.5mm airguns. has semi and 6rd burst.

    Warning: i do not own this gun, but it seem like it is a conversion of the umarex steel STRIKE.. not the steel force*

    steel strike video:

    some say there is a kick to this gun. you need to charge the handle to chamber a round. use x2 co2 cartidges in the stock. airsoft version claims 300 fps but ive read it shoots close to 400 with fresh co2.

    high cap mags are also interesting to "wind"

    yeah, you will get better performance and parts with any $100 aeg which makes this gun quite confusing IMO.

    what do you think?

    is this the answer to a budget trigger response build!? lol
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    I think the idea of this thing is actually kinda cool.Would like to get a hold of one of these to see how the work.
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