Effectiveness of Airsoft Innovations Cyclone and Banger

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    So I was perusing grenades the other day, looking at stuff to fill out what I want my milsim kit to have and do, and came across the airsoft innovations cyclone frags and the banger. Reusable sound and frags...? Deal. But, I want to know how effective they are in real use.... especially with the cyclone being that there are bbs involved. Any and all information is super helpful.... before I set my heart on buying them. thanks.
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    Cyclones can be tempermental...they have timer models and impact models. The defects of the Gen 1 "Tornado" were addressed with the Cyclone, but they still persist a bit in woods environments.

    With impact you have to hit a hard surface with them. With the timer model the time is give or take 1 second.

    In a room...they should work fine...in the woods...good luck...impact model may not go off and you may have it thrown back at you. Soft ground, bushes and other "woods" material can cushion the impact.

    It's nice to see the price come down from 90.00 for a Tornado to a 45.00 Cyclone.
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    I like my impact tornados. Buying them used/leaking now is great. Cheapest I’ve got is $25 and only needed a new oring on the fill valve lol

    I’m still trying to get a boobytrap one working, so as soon as pin is pulled, it goes boom. I have it somewhat working, but pin pull is heavy, too heavy
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    Awesome. I'm glad it seems like everyone has positive experiences. I just really like the idea of them, and wanted to make sure they are worth the Chunk of change. Hopefully that booty trap idea will work out! I'd like to see how that turns out. It does make sense about the wooded areas cushioning the impact. My main reason at looking at these was for milsim, so I'll keep that in mind. Thank you both.
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    I have a bang 22 extreme they are stupid loud with the yellow charge on them I love mine takes about 30 sec to reset and only cost about 7 to 10c a reset. We'll worth the money and also have three time settings
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    Seconded, buddy uses Cyclones and they go off maybe 10-20% of the time in the woods