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  1. American_Eagle

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    El Paso
    El Paso is having an identity crisis of sorts. A lot of airsoft players are deploying this month. I'm trying to get more players to get out and play more often or on a regular basis. My question is - Where are the airsofters in El Paso? Let's get an association together just for airsoft in El Paso! I'm building an airsoft only field at my paintball field on Montana, this is the first step. The next step is you showing up.:cool:
  2. airsoftm4ssystom

    airsoftm4ssystom New Member

    Hi I live in Alamogordo and would like to know when you play. what type of field do you play on?

  3. snipingtwinkie22

    snipingtwinkie22 New Member

    el paso
    i will try to go after i get my new airsoft guns for christmas I'm getting a mk96 awp and m14 ris series
  4. themole

    themole New Member

    Horizon city airsoft militia will gladly like to try out your new field, when is this field gonna open?
  5. Vargov

    Vargov New Member

    El Paso
    I'm stationed here at Bliss and am looking to play sometime! I just need to get all my gear shipped from home first.

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  6. Vulture1FUBAR

    Vulture1FUBAR New Member

    I used to paintball at american eagle, loved the field, I'm guessing there's no doubt it's gonna be good, and if I may, I hope this is joe still the owner of american eagle, I was one of your staff for refs, but I would actually like to talk to you about being your team I guess you could say or as my friend said if you could sponsor us?

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  7. Jrod9419

    Jrod9419 New Member

    El Paso
    me and my friends will be happy to join

    Me and my friends are starting up on airsoft and if anyone would help with tips on which Gun to buy and other stuff thanks, im jouse and my email is Josh_skeleton7@yahoo.com
  8. lonestar

    lonestar New Member

    They in horizon in militia Airsoft brotha
  9. Aldotheapache915

    Aldotheapache915 New Member

    El paso
    I just moved here from las vegas nv.
    I would love to play outhere i just need to find a shop or someone in town to work on my kwa have some gearbox problems. Can anyone help me out?
  10. toujoursenavant

    toujoursenavant New Member

    Is anyone here still active?