Elbow/knee pads for large guy

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    I recently became the SAW gunner for my team, and I have been feeling need for some knee and elbow pads. Now, I am a large guy (not huge, but still large) and most elbow/knee pads reviews say they don't work well for large people. So if anyone has any experience with this stuff, I would appreciate some pointers.
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    I also had this problem, however I hate wearing knee pads and find them cumbersome so I bought pants with built-in knee pads. I'm not saying they have to be crye, BLACKHAWK and 5.11 make pants with pockets for knee pads. Hope this helps.

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    I would get built in kneepads. I had nothing but trouble with other ones.

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    The Bijan kneepads are probably the most secure/largest knee pads available. They were standard issue to the USMC a few years ago.

    Aside from the Crye-style built in knee pads, the Bijan knee pads have been the most comfortable and secure knee pads I have ever used. I owned Alta prior to getting the Bijans, and the Bijans were much better.
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    Thanks for all of my the replies! I don't think knee pads build into pants will work for me since my team runs ACU's in ucp, and I cant find any pants in ucp. However, the bijan kneepads might work. Do you know if they tend to run big, small, or neither?
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