electricity cuts out when mag is inserted

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    this is a weird one. I have a Tokyo Mauri sg552 and when i plug in my 7.4 lipo and dry fire it winds the gears and fires just fine. but once i insert a magazine and pull the trigger absolutely nothing happens. no click. no slight movement of the gears. its as if i disconnected the battery. when i was at my field the second i removed the mag it would procede to fire just fine but once the mag was in it stopped working. when i just tried it it did the same but still didn't work when i removed the mag. I thought i had a good understanding of aegs until i saw this. if anyone has any ideas let me know
  2. Uller

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    You got a short circuit somewhere in your wire harness.Take the gun apart and examine your harness thoroughly paying very close attention to missing wire insulation,broken wiring,etc

  3. Dwosky

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that model is front wired, which would mean the wire has to go near the mag in order to reach the front. I would check how the wire goes from the gearbox to the front, since once inserting the magazine itself, this might be pushing the wire and maybe hogging or short circuiting it.
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    ^That...look in the mag well...see any wires? Start there if you do.