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  1. JShultz1

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    Just picked up a used Elite Force VFC PDW that is in great shape. I'm thinking about taking out the stock internals and replacing them with the gearbox I built for the broken AfterMath gun and then using them later in a different gun build. Here are the new gearbox specks

    LoneX 8mm V2 Gearbox shell
    SHS Piston Body 14T Metal Piston
    SHS 13:1 Super High Speed Gear Set
    LoneX Cylinder Head
    SHS Aluminum Air Nozzle M4
    ASG Ultimate Anti-Reverse latch V2
    MadBull Ultimate Spring Guide w/Bearing V2
    LoneX Steel M4 Trigger
    Raptor M110 Spring
    LoneX Tappet Plate
    SHS High Speed Motor- Long
    Element Aluminum Piston Head w/Bearings
    SHS Steel Cylinder 200mm-350mm
    MadBull 247mm x 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
    MadBull Shim Set
    Dean's connectors

    I also have a new LoneX High Speed motor.. Any thoughts on it vs the SHS?
    Any and all comments are appreciated
  2. Tactical_Skittles

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    I would go with a torque motor instead of an HS motor. I've heard great things about the Lonex A2 and SHS HT.

  3. JShultz1

    JShultz1 New Member

    I already have both motors so I'm going to use one of those. I will keep the HT motors in mind in the future.