So I must regretfully find a buyer for these two. A couple years ago I had one too many and made what, I thought at the time, was an investment. I've always enjoyed the sport and wanted to get more involved. Unfortunately, life takes us in other directions, and these have never been used.
I deconstructed the original boxes because I never thought I'd need to sell them, but they are as new as they can get. The M-4 has never even had a battery hooked up. It even comes with the Umbrella Corporation Registration Card that I haven't used. 350 fps. No battery as I never purchased one.
I know bolt action rifles aren't as popular, but this one is of good quality. Honestly, I'm selling it with the AEG since the chances of selling it by itself are slim. It has a polymer body, but the important bits are metal. I do remember it was listed as a 450+ fps rifle.
Contact me through this post or message me. They'll be here until there is a buyer.
I'm going to estimate $50 for shipping and have factored that in the listing price.