EMG SAI GRY M4 Custom Build

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    Hi guys putting up a custom build EMG SBR SAI GRY up for sale. The airsoft rifle is currently not 100% assembled, but when you read the parts list it will be easy to understand why that is so.

    Rifle components:
    1. G&P Navy Seals deans rear wired Challenge kit. The version with the skull frog on one side and MOTS logo on the other.t (Previously thought it had the Punisher logo on it, sorry about that.) This is the kit that you sometimes get a 7mm gearbox or 8mm gearbox... it is NOT a i5 gearbox. The upper is a tapered upper.... I know there are those out there who are not a fan of this, but I'm letting you know ahead of time just in case.
    2. SAI GRY Tapered Outer Barrel, SAI GRY Flash hider, G&P custom cut tightbore inner barrel and SAI Gry Rail.
    3. G&P Buffer Tube (attached to challenge kit)
    4. G&P metal hop up and G&G green bucking (not pictured, but included...both are new and unused)
    5. Crane stock (don't remember the brand, but it's in like new condition)
    6. GATE X-ASR Mosfet (has a built in fuse too)
    7. Magpul PTS EPM Midcap (new) to get you started. (not pictured, but included)

    Everything is new and has never been fully assembled as one complete rifle as the intent was to:

    1) Correct AoE and Radius the gearbox
    2) Decide to run a Flat hop or Rhop (I was gonna flat hop it by ordering a Maple Leaf concave nub)
    3) Decide to run stock gears with a upgraded motor or run a different ratio gearset and use the stock motor. This greatly depended on which field to go to.... (fps and engagement distances vary where I'm at)

    Pictures: Aw yes, I will get those up, but it'll be a couple of days before that happens because things are in storage.

    Price: Asking $400 obo (if you need a couple of pairs of deans connectors.... i can throw that in too) Serious Inquires Only, thanks!

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