Enimine - will it be the next best thing since tornado and tag grenades?

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    So I was watching a silo video where he showcased these new bouncing Betty landmines. These things look sweet, check out silos youtube page for a look.

    I've always wanted an effective mine type device. There's claymores but those dont work half the time and are only 1 directional. Add to that, they dont work too well in heavy grasses. Now after seeing this, I'm thinking it may be revolutionary and change the way some games are played. especially for snipers or ambushes.
    I remember when AI Tornados came out, and man, did those mix things up when they started to appear in local games. It now became much safer to clear an occupied building. Then theres how the Tag grenades revolutionalized launchers. allowing for real exploding grenades over a shower or foam missile. I think these are going to be the next best thing for non firearm weapons, walking in the shoes of the tornado and tag grenades, and doing what the claymore couldn't.
    Imagine being a sniper and being able to drop one of these on the side of a trail behind your hide. If you've alerted your allies you can use the proximity sensor and itll go off when an opponent gets within a few meters. Or if you're playing a field you know really well, you know its flank routes that are likely to be used. You can drop this bad boy down to ambush those trying to ambush you. Brilliant.

    These seem to be brand new and as such are probably lesser known. So go give Enimine a look, also for sale on the Silo store. They go for $115 USD which is not unreasonable. The tornado was originally 100 when new.

    I'm going to be getting one as soon as possible. When it arrives I'm going to use it extensively and then instead of hype, I'll post a review.
  2. Dual_Nature

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    What do you the people think? Is it something you're going to have to have, or could you not care less?

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    It should take off well. There is a market for these but I personally wouldn't buy one. It depends on your field and play style.

    Definitely more safe that a 40mike lol

    You know what would really be nice, is a co2 rechargeable tornado Grenade with a 5sec electronic fuse with good pricing.