Entry level gas blowback pistol?

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    I for one care how all my replicas look. That's why I'm addicted to Magpul and own a EBR.
    For me, it's 50/50.
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    God bless the man or women that ever invented the EBR.

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    Knief, I always assumed that the problem with the vast majority of full auto capable pistols in Airsoft (KWA, HFC, KJW etc) was that it required too much abuse on too small of a part. I don't know GBB internals well enough to describe to you the specific part that I am thinking of, (see, I also am able of qualifying my statements, Radar) but suffice perhaps to say that there is a small part that is involved in the process of resetting the slide to be able to fire again as the slide moves backwards. I had thought that while this part works alright when made to a certain quality standard in semi-auto GBBs, it does not provide the same level of reliability in a Full Auto GBB. Along with this, it seems to me that manufacturers do not increase the general build quality of their fully automatic GBBs enough to correspond with its much more stressful firing mode. This may well explain why the KWA M11 is reliable, while their other fully automatic offerings are not. It does not have the same size constraints, and does not have the same preconcieved notions by the manufacturer of how strong certain parts should be. In short, it was designed to fire automatically, not designed to shoot semiautomatically, then retrofitted to automatic.

    Again, this is all speculation.
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    bikini bottom
    Ever thought of a KJW g23? Because I just got mine yesterday and it seems very nice. Of course it wont be as good as a TM or KSC however its cheap With the coupon code I used I got it for 85$.
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    Ak? Ugly? Who doesn't like the look of a good Ak-47?
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    A lot of people do, most are Americans
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    Don't assume that just because you don't care about how your guns look at the rest of the airsoft world doesn't either. I've met very few people who have absolutely no regard for the looks of their gun. We might not all share the same taste, but that doesn't mean that 99% of airsofters don't want a gun that looks good to them.


    You're pretty much right. GBBs are self destructive by nature, and adding full auto to the mix only exacerbates things. I don't know if I've ever seen a full auto version of a gun that was regularly more reliable than it's semi-only counterpart. That said, among full auto replicas, KSC has found a way to make them work for a very long time. Now, they learned this through their early TMP/SPP, M93R and and M11 models, all of which were quite delicate. As they moved into the full auto Glock and later M93R models, they found a way to make them much more robust than their earlier attempts and, as a result, actually feasible skirmish pieces. My thought is that it comes mostly from tight production tolerances and good QC checking. The parts in GBBs are all made to work together, but how much slop you get between them goes a long way to determining how long they last (I'm looking at you, WE). You get well made parts assembled well and run through more rigorous QC checking and you'll end up with a more durable product pretty much every time.

    In regards to the KWA M11 specifically, they adopted a magnesium alloy bolt a couple years before KSC put one in their M11 (theirs being tailored for the HFC 134a using players in Japan). That magnesium bolt turned a gun that was essentially a dud into a fierce little bugger. That was a case where parts tolerances meant little because the most breakable part was a big hunk of metal. You'd still see occasional little finicky problems in places like the trigger mechanism and stuff. But that big solid bolt was KWA's only saving grace for a long time.