Escape From The City of Chaos: C&C NJ Airsoft 5/26/13

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    Escape From The City of Chaos
    This is a walk-on Day.
    No uniform requirements, no mag restrictions.

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    C&C Airsoft
    50 Lackawanna Dr
    Stanhope NJ

    Sunday May 26th

    Gates open at 9AM

    Cost: $20.00

    It's been years since the Cleansing, the world seemed at peace. The City of Chaos, left in ruins and sealed off from the rest of the country, has been turned into the country's only prison. Every criminal sentenced there will stay there for life, what's left of it.
    Rumor has it that it's like a post apocalyptic nightmare on the other side of the wall.

    Years have gone by, and all seemed right in the world...until it happened, the unthinkable happened.

    Air-Force One has crashed inside the walls of the City. We know there were two survivors and the president is one of them. We are tracking there movement but the signal wont last too long.

    We also know that there were enough weapons on that plane to equip a small army, and unfortunately there is an army of angry violent lifers that may have found those weapons already.

    The mission is clear, Find the survivors,protect them at all costs, escort them to a safe extraction zone, and eliminate any hostels.

    The lifers are looking to capture the president and hold him with hopes to exchange him for freedom.

    What side will you fight for?!

    Required Gear:
    Red rag
    Barrel condom
    Waiver, every game, every time
    Time Piece, watch, stopwatch

    While in staging area and during all cease fires mags are to be removed, gun is to be cleared and barrel condom must be in place.
    Absolutely no shooting in staging area...use range.

    All airsoft weapons have a max of 400fps with .25s
    350fps weapon limit for indoor engagement (if your gun shoots over 350 fps transition to a sidearm)
    During Chrono we will use field .25s. We will also spot check on the field using .25s. Anyone found adjusting their FPS after Chrono will be ejected without warning.
    Consider this your warning.

    Take Interstate 80 (East or West) to Exit 25.
    Next take Route 206 North,
    3 Traffic Lights,
    turn right onto Lackawanna Drive
    Right into Wild West City parking lot(50 Lackawanna Dr)
    C&C Airsoft is at the far left corner
    Park in lower lot and follow signs.

    C&C shares the lot with Wild West City.
    While looking a Wild West City the gate is to the left.
    If the gate is open then we are there.
    Pull down and park in the lower lot.
    If the gate is open but blocked with a vehicle then park in the Wild West City lot and walk down. This only happens when the road is frozen.
    It will take you a couple minutes to walk to the staging area so bring your gear.

    There is no parking at the staging area. Drive down and drop your gear off then drive back up. I know this sucks but it's the rules.

    Remember to play fair and play smart. It’s only a game. If you have a problem with another player do not confront that player. You are not the airsoft police. Figure out some way to remember the player you have a problem with and find a ref. Tell us what happened and we will deal with it. We won’t tolerate any hostility or anger on the field. Do not take matters into your own hands.

    Rules of engagement:

    1. HIT RULES: Any hit to the body or gear counts as a hit. Gun hits do not count. What you do next depends on the game type. When you are dead, get off of the field. It is very possible that you will get hit while dead, it happens. Dead men tell no tales. Do not speak or use the radio to talk to other live players. When in doubt, call yourself out.
    2. SURRENDER OR DIE: Simply put, if you get the drop on another player within 10 feet just say surrender or die. If they do not surrender then you can shoot them, aim low and shoot smart. One or two bbs is enough. There are no safety kills, that word has no meaning. If someone says safety kill you can shoot them, just aim low.

    3. Screaming “Call Your Hits!” Will not be tolerated. Doing so will get you sent to respawn. If you think another player is not calling their hits, find out who they are, and tell a ref.

    4. Building Rules: When entering buildings the following rules must be followed.
    A. Semi-auto only, no full auto
    B. 350fps weapon limit for indoor engagement (if your gun shoots over 350 fps transition to a sidearm)
    C. Aim low, not for the face
    D. All buildings have "Fake roofs" There is no climbing over walls, throwing grenades over walls or shooting over walls
    E. If you get hit in a building you are dead and cannot be revived.

    Most of this comes straight from the insurance policy. This will pretty much be the safety brief and each player must sign one and I will keep in on file with the waivers.

    All players must read and agree to follow all player safety rules, field safety guidelines, and sign the waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement prior to participating in any airsoft activities without exception. Any violation of the safety rules will result in mandatory ejection from the field and/or premises.

    1. SAFETY GOGGLES must be worn by anyone in the playing field and target range at all times. Only goggles specifically approved for airsoft are allowed. Shooting glasses and mesh goggles are not allowed. Under 18 must wear full paintball masks.
    2. NO SHOOTING in areas other than the designated playing field and/or target range. No shooting into of out of the registration area, neutral zones or parking area. Airsoft guns can only be discharged on the active field of play or target range.
    3. JUDGES' DECISIONS ARE FINAL and players of spectators will not be allowed to argue with the referees under any circumstances.
    4. BARREL CONDOMS must be in use at all times anywhere on the property other than the designated playing field and target range.
    5. NO BLIND SHOOTING, you must be able to see what you are shooting at. Aim for the body and lower. Only go for the head if that is the only option.
    6. NO SHOOTING at wildlife, airplanes, automobiles, parachutists, ect.
    7. NO CLIMBING of trees, vehicles, or any structure 4' or higher.
    10. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS are allowed on premises. Anyone engaging in these activities or who is impaired will be ejected from the field. Repeat violators will be banned from the facility permanently.
    11. NO VERBAL ABUSE, profanity, name-calling, or slurs against anyone's race, religion, or family members and friends will be tolerated.
    12. NO SMOKING except in designated areas approved by the field operator.
    13. NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT or potentially dangerous gear is allowed. All firearms, knives, machetes, ect. are prohibited. The field operator must approve all equipment allowed on premises.
    14. MODIFICATIONS ARE PROHIBITED. Players are not allowed to modify bunkers, or any property on the premises.
    15. SPECTATORS are required to wear safety goggles unless they remain in a designated spectator area at all times. No exceptions.
    16. NO CALLING OTHERS OUT. Don't do it. You are not the airsoft police. Find out who the player is and find a Ref or marshal. Do not try to handle things on your own.
    17. WHISTLES. Most games start on a whistle. 3 consecutive whistles are an automatic ceasefire.
    18. BOUNDARIES. The yellow rope around the staging area is boundary. Do not cross it.