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    I hadn't done much airsoft in 6-9 months, and while I was fairly sure I would be fine installing an R-Hop again, I wanted to be sure for my $1k+ budget Polarstar. I decided to see if "the pros" have anything over me installing an R-Hop anyway. The process seems fairly linear, I figured it would be a small improvement but not worth sending off in the end.

    I contacted Star_Folder (Kory), and I had a conversation with him. I purchased a Prometheus 6.03 from Ebay and shipped it to his house. Over Paypal I sent him $45 for services+shipping (like $2 over what shipping cost me, service was $40 and included the R-Hop and M-Nub).

    He shipped everything off within a few days of him getting all the materials. Long story short, I sent the parts of the gun (including the new barrel assembly) to get assembled with my Polarstar (In retrospect I should've done this myself, but I really like the establishment Amped has going and I think while the price was really high for work I could've done myself, I feel it goes to a great place). The tech at Amped called me and said the R-Hop jammed and then ended up breaking.

    So anyways, at this point I was admittedly angry- my field day was delayed because the guy who is supposed to be better than me at this messed up an R-Hop. An R-Hop! I felt relatively cheated that I spent 45 bucks on something I could've done myself better, I didn't really like Kory (I didn't dislike him either) like I did Kurtis at Amped, I didn't feel like I spent some money that's going to nice people, but rather I felt like someone who is supposed to be better than me at something messed up. That was pretty much everything I was feeling then, just frustrated that these "pros" aren't really delivering what I do for $20 for $40 (None of this was justified, obviously, I was just frustrated due to field days being delayed repeatedly).

    So I talked with him-and in a weird moment of decision making considering I had already installed an R-Hop for a friend and felt like I was still good with them- I decided to go for it again , I had the mentality of "I better be getting some contact patch made of fairy dust that can shoot in yards what mine can in feet" anyways. I got the gun back with the broken piece of R-Hop in a bag, and shipped it off to him. He called me saying the break was his fault and it'll be a few days free of charge. If you're interested, he accidentally installed an experimental R-Hop variant of his own into my barrel, which didn't show up in his usual few testing shots.

    He shipped it back and I got a message saying it's in the mail (and with 2 magazines of testing through it!) and asking how much I owe him in return shipping. I said $5 would be more then enough to cover it. He sent me $10, saying anything else was payment for the inconvenience and that's what he paid. I guess he was paying for 2 day shipping or something, which means he originally did that shipping (WARNING: ASSUMPTION AHEAD) that cost ~$10 even though I only sent him $5.

    Either way, the fact he was willing to lose $20 at the end and fix it so readily was definitely great for me. It still cost about $41 for me, but the concept of it all is what really matters.

    In conclusion, Kory was a great guy who admitted he made a mistake and took action. You can't completely judge a seller until they mess something up, and he did. I still can't completely judge him- he said what happened was a first, and I believe him. I can't be 100% conclusive because if he usually messes things up in some way or another, you might want to steer clear. However, I would be willing to bet this wasn't a common occurrence.

    As for the R-Hop? Well, I've only had 20 feet of testing, but it shoots in an 8mm hole from that range with .3s and no Hop-up tuning. That's not particularly impressive, but it's showing that it's definitely a solid patch. I don't know if he did a better job than I would've, the most likely scenario is that it is better in some minuscule way I won't notice. But what you're paying for when you shop from a "pro R-Hop installer" isn't really some product that nobody else can make, an R-Hop isn't difficult to pull off. It's reputation, and he certainly deserves his. I talked to many other ASM famous techs about it first, they were dismissive and unreliable for contact, which is why I went to Kory in the first place.

    Tl;dr I really ended up doing this to see what was so much better about other peoples' R-Hops, I recommend you install your own. If you find it too difficult though, please consider Star_Folder above any other tech. He is definitely reliable and the R-Hop is great.

    Pricing: 5/10, It's the going rate I think is a highway robbery, but it's still the going rate. No arguing with it and you're not finding better anywhere else (from a renown tech at least)
    Service: 9/10, He wasn't super reliable with texting, but he was always helpful.
    Speed: 8/10, He shipped it off within days.
    Quality: 5/10, It's an R-Hop.

    A- Because for an A+ I feel I would need to deal with him multiple times and know he was reliable all the other times, and the break was a freak accident that he promptly fixed. I get this impression anyways, so an A- will do.

    Edit: issues with the patch- my fault probably, but he is willing to fix due to a bucking error he made. Provided this is the last issue, A+
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