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Discussion in 'Company Reviews' started by TheLost, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. TheLost

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    I have moved to an "Evike-only" based purchase base because of the following cases with them.

    So, I bought a bunch of parts from them and shipping was ridiculous fast. I live in Wisconsin and my order arrived on my front door 4 days later, ON STANDARD UPS ground. I have always had my orders go through their shipping section extremely fast, and thus far have been extremely accurate, no mis-ships or forgotten shipments. I also enjoy their reviews as they do a decent job of depicting the product, although sometimes they do fall short. As for customer service, with my first order i had a question on what the error message during checkout meant, and I was cordially helped immediately, wasnt sure what "pending transaction" meant, but the service rep helped me out quickly, but without the feeling he was rushing me by. Even when I found a small break on the CQR I bought, I didn't return the gun, but did mention it to them and they gave me a small refund, which I found awesome. that's been my ONLY issue with them. the best is they aren't overpriced, and while yes, certain things can be found for less, Evike tends to always lower the prices to stay competitive. LOVE evike.

    Shipment Speed/Accuracy: A
    Customer Service: A
    Parts quality on Arrival: A-
    Public Resources: A
    Marketing: A
    Prices: A- (sometimes over, but evens out based on other products posted under price.)
    Overall: A

    What's your experience been?
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    Evike is pretty good as you said some stuff is overpriced some is underpriced. I like their selection, they have a lot of products that are hard to find a lot of other places.

  3. TheLost

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    Definitely agree with that. Check out the pics of my M4, the front flipup triangle sight was something I could only find on their site and it's sweet. They also have a lot of G&P stuff, which I don't tend to see a lot at like ASGI or ASM or HG, AS, etc. But they also do lack some gear, even though what they are lacking I wouldn't want anyway so it's ok:)