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Discussion in 'Company Reviews' started by bonnax, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. bonnax

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    My experience with evike went, generally, quite well.

    What I ordered:

    KWA M9, KJW M9, KJW P226, 2 extra KWA mags, 2 RH holsters, LH holster, Moondog O-rings, Madbull bio .23 bbs, woodland knee pads, Alice belt, Madbull propane adapter and pistol lanyard.

    I used the free shipping method which stated 4-6 days, and it arrived in 4 days. Thought that was quite good considering it was going from CA to LI... Everything arrived in good condition, with no dents in the packaging (unlike most people, I've never had a problem with UPS/USPS damaging my mail). The only thing to note here is that there was nothing protecting the contents of the box, so something could have gotten damaged. As they almost always do, they had a 20% off coupon code which made my order $90 cheaper - what's not to like. As well as the coupon, everything I ordered was cheapest on evike (in comparison to ASGI, AMS and Airsplat), so again, what's not to like?

    The only problem I encountered is that evike would not let me pay for my order with either my card or my paypal, as the billing address is in the UK. Although this was annoying for me, I understand why they do it.

    Shipment Speed/Accuracy: A
    Parts quality on Arrival: A
    Prices: A
    Overall: A

    I hope it goes just as well next time..

    SO_CAL_PUNISHER New Member

    Wow you are really luck to have gotten your order with Evike to go through so cleanly, aside from all the horror stories I have heard there is what happened to me. I got a chest rig, mask and helmet for my RESEDENT EVIL load out and the chest rig arrived with all the stiching ripped out of half the pocket and the helmet was cracked in half. I called them and emailed them. I got replies to the emails but al it was was a status replay. (ie) your order shows delivered on such date. They didnt even address the issues. I live local enough to there so called super store so i will have to take it in and see what they will do.

    This is yet another reason i shop with Airsplat, when i call someone is there to fix the issue and I dont get stuff that looks as if it was made in a TJ sweat shop. I mean in all seriousness have you ever looked up the stuff from evike and seen how many horror stories there are out there. Look at what this guy said http://www.trustpilot.com/users/227862 I would avoid them at all costs. Stick the place i know and trust AIRSPLAT!

  3. Munishin

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    I've ordered strictly from them numerous times over the past 3-4 years and never except once had a problem. They fixed it accordingly and the wrong item they sent me I got to keep for free.
  4. bonnax

    bonnax New Member

    I myself have only bought from them once, sucessfully, but my friend only buys from them and he hasn't had any problems either, after about 8 orders.

    As for your vest, what brand was it? IIRC, evike doesn't carry any of the higher-end brand gear manufacturers such as Flyye or Pantac, so you were most likely buying a poor-quality chinese vest which is never going to hold up long, anyway. I wouldn't buy any gear from evike or airsplat, you're better off going to www.shootercbgear.com or ehobby.

    I've heard lots of negative things about airsplat as well...

    Sounds like we're in the same boat. Good experiences with them.
  5. northjerseyairsoft02

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    They have good customer service. I pre-ordered the kwa sr7 devgru when it was $340 and they refunded me the difference when they changed it to $300. I thought that was great. But, why cant they stock the gun but every other company in the world can:(