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    Let me start by saying I'm a hard rater. And on top of that I typically only rate when there's problems with my order. Why? Because it's easy to sell, but hard to fix problems/issues.

    I ordered a rifle from Evike. An Lever-action 1892 (dances). Upon arrival, I noticed the wooden piece was cracked. Now I purchased this for a reenactment game that is in the VERY near future, so I didn't have time to do the who return and wait song and dance.

    So I called Evike, told them the situation and asked if there was anything they could do to help. Before I could finish explaining, Richard (the guy on the other end) told me IF I desired I could purchase another rifle, so while the broken rifle is in the mail, the new rifle is on its way to me.
    OK OK, sounds decent, but what about the refund? Well I'm getting it back as a straight refund, that is to say right back to my card. But of course their computers were down so he had to call me back.
    Richard called me back the second he the computers were up and running (I literally heard another person in the back saying "yay the internet is up and running again").

    We got right down to business. Walked me through the process quickly and effectively. Then said "because you need this so quickly, I'm upgrading your shipping free of charge, so expect to see your package within the next 2-3 days instead of the usual 7days you normally get"

    In short, Richard was quick to help, gave great advice, and from my perspective did everything he could to ensure my issue was fixed.

    So why the rating of a "B" you ask? Well the original problem at hand. Noone likes to get a broken/damaged/faulty item in the mail, especially when the issue was based on the original storage of the gun before shipping.

    As I said to Richard "Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Your help was very much appreciated, if I could tip I'd slide $40 your way"
    It's one thing to help, it's another to go above and beyond.
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    Good story. I've had mislabeled products they won't pay return shipping for from Evike, but it sounds like you had a really good time. If a place had all reps like Richard, you'd notice me buying from them all the time :p

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    Update: Received the replacement gun.
    I'm happy shipping was free and so quick, but the new gun received was all wobbly. You'd think that since the box was opened they'd at least check the overall dexterity of the gun -_-
    Sigh... I keep my kudos with Richard, but leave it there.

    The gun was packed in a box with zero internal packaging so the gun was bouncing ALL around. When I opened the box, the gun was out of it's box floating around in the shipping box. The original gun box was beat to crap due to the gun bouncing around.
    Many would say blame UPS, the problem was pre-UPS. It was a packing problem. The gun does work though surprisingly. It just wobbles. But with this order I'm officially choosing to no longer order from Evike. I've chosen to stick with AirsoftAtlanta, Airsplat, and WeaponBlender as my top 3. I'm sorry Evike, but bite me once, shame on you, bite me twice shame on me.

    Final score: B- (near C)
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    i ordered something off evike and it took 6 months to get to my house.
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    I highly doubt that. It would be UPS'S fault not evikes anyway.
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    Did you contact them as to why? Most of the retailers' stock come from Asia, and it often gets hung up in customs.
    If you didn't contact eVike to question it, there is your problem. This happens with most all airsoft stores when they post their stock before it arrives.