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    Hi Guys

    I have never posted on this forum before but I read it a good bit I find there are some unusual thread poping up which I like, I however couldn't find a survey or poll section so putting this here hope you dont mind

    I'm a DIT 4th final year product design student from Dublin Ireland, I'm also an avid airsofter.
    So naturally I'm doing my Thesis on airsoft and more specifically "Airsoft Face Protection"

    I'm starting this thread to get consumer feedback on airsoft face protection. I need as much information from as many different types places as possible, I know the American energy output limit is a lot higher then in Ireland (we are limited to one joule, poor us) so there should be some interesting constrasts between Irish and American players. Any insights comments, opinion, pictures of bad hits, thoughts could be useful so don't be shy in posting.

    I'm specifically looking at face protection issues and problems that could be fixed which will hopefully help us all.
    I created a survey below to get feedback from real airsofters so please fill it out you will be helping.


    Thanks for the help much appreciated
  2. Maxuhmize

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    Here's a picture of a bunch of bad face hits with some others. By the way, welcome to the forum.


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    the hardest part is getting a lower face pro that will fit correctly with goggles.
  4. Napple

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    I find a goggle and metal mesh setup works amazingly. Only problem is i cant find goggles for under $75 that wont fog >.<
  5. Maxuhmize

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    Apparently I didn't understand what the OP was saying. I run a mesh lower with a pair of revision goggles and a boonie hat. I like it so far with little fogging.

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    Santa Rosa
    I hope no one shows pictures of what happens when you get hit in the eye. They always make me squeamish.
  7. Maxuhmize

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    Have you seen them? I don't think I want to.
  8. BoogerMc

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    I recently began using a wire mesh lower and a metal mesh upper (goggles) because my old face protection was becoming annoying. The goggles fogged and the face plate only covered the front of my face, not the side or the ears and I can't stand a paintball full face mask or helmet style protection.

    My old set up


    My new set up


    The lower mesh protection covers all the way around to the ears and with the helmet, it completes the head. I am currently working on a neck protector to complete the emsemble. Some people use shemags or other things for protection; however, as a manufacturer of custom Airsoft gear, I'm always looking for new product ideas I can offer that do not exist or exist but not in the form I create them.

    As a student, myself, what exactly is your primary expectation for your thesis? Are you discussing the need for protection or are you looking at it from a design point of view. I noticed that you stated you're in product design, as a manufacturer, I can discuss this aspect with you quite well; however, forum rules do not allow me to discuss selling my products in open forums. If you would like more information, send me an e-mail at [email protected] or PM me.
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    Hey Guys

    Thanks for all the help, its good to see everyone is so welcoming to to new members and so willing to help. All the information your providing is very good it will come in help full, I'm already seeing some patterns and trends developing in the results and hopefully with continue response they will level out and become definative.

    Thanks again for the support
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    The only problem I see you running into is that there are so many options for face protection as it is. You have to come up with something different if you plan on selling it. Why should we buy yours over the ones that are on the market now ?

    Personally I run a mesh lower with bolle goggles. Works great and I get very little fogging.
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    No problem. I'm glad to hear that you are writing your thesis on Airsoft. Welcome to the forums!
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    Lancer Tactical Vented goggles $20, never fog. Just remove lower plastic inserts and replace with something that breathes. :)

    And there are videos of it being shot from 20-0ft away with AEG's Sniper Rifles etc. Like 500 fps guns, point blank.
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