Fal uprgrades

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  1. matthew1029

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    Hey kinda new to upgrading I was wonder if there is any upgrading limitations for the matrix fal
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    Limitations are typically limited to the knowledge you have acquired, tools available, and funds.
    I've seen a M4 with a P90 gearbox, so pretty much anything is possible with the right amount of money.

    The question YOU need to ask yourself is...
    What do I want to do?
    How much money are you willing to invest?
    What velocity range are you looking to achieve?
    Does rate of fire matter, if so to what extent?
    Do you have the BASIC know-how to achieve your goals once you're recommended the parts needed? IF not, have you allocated funds for a tech to assemble everything for you?

    There are TONS of threads and stickies devoted to modding, upgrading, downgrading, and overall customizing your gun internally. You just need to know what you plan on doing and devote some time to reading and researching.

  3. matthew1029

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    Thank you that helps alot!