Falcon Kydex Tech - Flashbang Holsters & Pistol Mag Pouches

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    FKT Kydex Review by Team Scimitar

    After some 6+ months we can finally bring you our review of Falcon Kydex Tech & some of their products.

    Early in 2013 Falcon Kydex Tech sent us a pile of their Kydex products, including a bunch of Dual Flashbang Holsters similar to those made popular by the Green Mountain Rangers as well as 1911 Pistol Mag Pouches.

    The Flashbang Holsters we received came in Coyote Brown and were formed to optimally fit the well known Hakkotsu Thunder B grenade, a very popular product among airsofters. The color matches quite closely to various nylon coyote brown products by the likes of LBT, Tactical Tailor & Mayflower.


    The Thunder B grenades fit snuggly into the holsters but are loose enough to be inserted & removed easily with one hand. The holsters retain each shell nicely even whilst running, jumping and being held upside down. (We tried doing hand stands) The pouches are made to order and can be sized to fit anything from Thunder Bs to Smoke Grenades.

    Deploying the bangs is smooth & fast. The grenades slide smoothly out of the holster with a tug and do not snag or get stuck at all. The same applies to the pistol magazine pouches, however retention was slightly tougher on the magazines. Inserting the mags requires a noticeable shove, but they aren’t going anywhere after that unless you want them to. The only issue is when used in sub-zero temperatures, after being covered in snow & becoming wet it was easy to fumble reloads due to the noticeable tug needed to re
    move the magazine from the pouch. This was amplified when the operator had cold hands due to the conditions.

    Product prices & shipping from FKT are very reasonable and they ship Internationally not just CONUS. Production time left a little to be desired, but there will always be a wait time associated with products that are made to order. Customer service & relations warranted a definite 10/10 from us!


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