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    Can someone give me a list of fast shooting aeg (20+bps) while also having a good range? Or does that even exist?
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    I've looked through all of your threads Jcon411, and I've noticed that all of them basically ask "what gun should I get" or "how does X gun compare to Y gun". Do you actually own a quality airsoft gun? You should be able to form more specific opinions on your questions; if you have an M4 or Ak-47 AEG, that's still a starting point.

    Instead of creating a new thread every couple of days asking for expert's opinion on two guns that you aren't committed to buying and haven't done any research on, I'd recommend that you check out the stickies on the beginners and 'What Gun Should I Get?' subforums to see what people recommend for beginners.

    Once you've found something that you like and have done extensive research on, you should properly format your post like this:

    That's just my two cents; do what you want. I can't force you to do anything, but remember that a mod can. And they're always watching :eek:

    Anyways, to answer your original question, not many stock guns can achieve what you want out of the box and last for a long period of time, short of buying a Systema PTW (which cost over $1,000 BTW). Even then, most AEG techs strongly recommend that one learns how to tech, buys all of the necessary upgrades, and installs them himself/herself.

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    Ok ill leave i guess. I dont know how to use forums anyway
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    you obviously do, as shown by your post history.

    what you should be doing, is looking up the gun(s) you are interested in. finding buyer reviews, teching videos, fielding videos, and then make an assessment whether that is something you even need to ASK on the forums.
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    When in my post did I say that you should leave? Never. In fact, I warned you that the guys up top are always watching, no?

    If you're confused on how to find stickies, they can be found in nearly all of the subforums. They are always on the top of page, but the words are not in bold, so they look a little bit like old posts if you're not paying attention.
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    I know u never said to leave i just dont want to bother everyone with all if my posts
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    I think you're missing the point. We don't mind helping you, but as the quote goes "You've gotta first help yourself".
    So before you get fed up and attempt to go to another forum and do the same thing you do here, likely to no avail try this:

    1 Find a gun base you like. All airsoft guns propel BBs across a great distance. So find a base you like
    2 Do a bit of Googling to find out what airsoft manufactures make that base gun, or even a modified version
    3 Compare what you've found to your budget. If they're out of your budget, toss those results out.
    4 Take your running list and look into various reviews and break downs of the gun to see how it performs. Keep in mind if your budget is <$250, you're likely not going to find a perfect gun, so prepare yourself to deal with some short comings.
    5 Do more research. You likely have 2-5 guns you're interested in. Make a list of pros and cons for each gun and compare the lists when you're done.
    6 When you've widdled your list down as far as you can, THEN hop on the forum and ask for advice. Keep in mind members MAY tell you things you don't know which MAY lead you back to step 3 or even 2. Rinse and repeat until you get a couple a solid choices that compliment your budget AND desires.
    From there it's all on your shoulders to buy the one you like/prefer the most.

    Yes, most of the work is on you, but hey that's life. When you get work, you don't run to the next person to have them guide you through it, you do it yourself and occasionally reach out when you need help or advice, but 90% of work is putting pen to paper.
    Plus, when you do decide on a gun, when someone asks YOU about the gun, you can give them the full run down as opposed to saying "It shoots awesome, 420FPS, feels great, gets alot of kills, has hop-up, can be upgrade". You can instead talk about compression and how the mag seats in the gun in comparison to the competition, as well as compatibilities, and so on.

    Also for the record, rate of fire is a bit dependent on the battery, and MOST guns are tested with 8.4 or 9.6v NiMh (Stock) batteries that honestly DON'T compliment the gun. So a reviewer may get 14rps on a pretty meh 9.6v NiMh battery, but you may toss in a higher end better performing 9.6v battery (or even a decent 7.4v Lipo) and easily achieve 19rps

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