Firepower/Tippman Interragator CO2 pistol

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    Mt Sterling
    Very new to airsoft, less than a month, but loving it so far. Bought a bunch of guns off of Craigslist and it came with the 2 pistols above. One of the mags was broken and I want to replace, but can not for the life of me find any online.

    I was hoping maybe someone would be able to share a link so I could purchase a few extras.

    Thanks for the help. Really enjoy reading all the posts and trying to learn as much as I can about AS.
    Coach McCoy
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    i really dont think they even sell spare mags for those guns unfortunately... if they are interchangeable at your Intro says, i dont know which model they are interchangeable with. I would recommend just forgetting them and sell them to buy a better quality weapon.
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