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    I have a kwa Sr12, and I am using a 9.6 v battery, have a infected armory active breaking mosfet installed, and for starters, semi does not work, and at the moment, when I plug in the battery or touch the deans connectors together, it starts firing... I think either the mosfet is bad, or the contacts are stuck, any other ideas ?
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    Those are the two things that come to mind for me too.

    For the semi auto, check your selector plate and cut off lever.
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  3. alex

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    your mosfet is infected... in the past, they had a very high failure rate. if you run your battery dead, it will fry the mosfet. losing semi-auto can be caused by a number of problems, worn down cutoff lever, worn down selector plate, damaged trigger shuttle or broken trigger shuttle stop post.
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