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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Colt912, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Colt912

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    I am looking to get into gun building and modification. I want to first try upgrading a spring rifle or shotgun before I move to expensive aeg upgrades or builds. I currently have an old tsd m14 spring rifle, and I am willing to use that if possible. I was also interested in an a&k svd, the 115 dollar one. Any other suggestions out there? The price limit is probably $150, for the gun, and then will add more to the budget over time for parts. Thanks.
  2. Arekkusu723

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    Sadly to say, there's virtually nothing you can do with the TSD M14... The A&K SVD would be a nice choice, but if you're looking to upgrade a sniper rifle, it will be VERY expensive.


    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    You would be better off getting something with more aftermarket parts. The A&K doesn't have a lot of parts available for it. If you set on upgrading a sniper rifle I would suggest something that uses either vsr-10 or aps2 upgrade parts. Look into the bar-10, its usually fairly cheap but with good parts it will be an amazing gun. MOST of the time l96 type guns will use the aps2 parts, and Remington 700 style guns will use vsr-10 parts.
  4. Colt912

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    I know that, I am not necessarily looking into making a sniper, because I don't have the money to snipe. But I want a gun that I won't worry about messing with wires, just so I can get used to opening a gun up, changing some things and then put it back together. Do you think a boneyard AEG would be better?
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    The JG g36, my first gun and my constant project gun. Built well and with a host of aftermarket parts.
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    A cheap JG is about the best route to take.
    They're at a nice low price, use "normal" TM compatible parts, and even though they're low in price they can be easily made into a high performance gun.
    Also check out Stag Arms. DPMS Proline and Panther Arms if you're buying locally.

    But if you're working on ANY AEG, you'll have to deal withing wiring, and in all honesty that's typically the easy part.
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    All you can do to the m14 are DIY mods. I've been there done that. Its much easier to and more efficient to get a jg and upgrade that. You won't really have as much of a problem with wires as you think.