First Spear Multicam Split Front Chest Rig!

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    -PayPal only
    -I have a right to both not sell to someone and/or not accept your offer
    -No lowballs
    -Items sold as is unless there is a major mistake on my part, buy your own insurance
    -I ship USPS from NY
    -If we trade, you ship first or we ship at the same time, no exceptions. (By same time, I mean the same day)
    -Items ship as described. If you want proof of function, this can be arranged. Due to the nature of airsoft, I AM NOT responsible for issues that occur after you receive a product. I always take caution when packing and shipping.
    -I only ship to the lower 48 states.
    -Some guns may come with the upper and lower disassembled for safety of shipping and less cost.
    -You can post offers/questions below. I describe my items as best as possible.
    -It is your responsibility to know what I haven't included on things such as fitment and compatibility. I'm open to questions though I can't answer all of them.

    Onto the sale!
    First Spear Split Front Chest Rig
    Barely used, NO signs of wear. I love this thing but I need cash. Pics are from previous owner, with his permission. Will include the following:
    -Chest Rig
    -Tactical Tailor 2x1 Shingle
    -Another Tactical Tailor 2x1 Shingle, missing bungee one one side

    Price: 135 Shipped. You may offer though.
    Will include a Tyr MC Smoke for +15
    Will include a PreMsa SG banger +25

    *Will not part shingles from rig*
    *will not part other pouches*

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