First time GBBR, which is better? (KJW m4 CQB Vs G&P WOC m4)

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Taticool, Feb 28, 2021.

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    It's my first time buying a GBBR and I'm stuck on which of the 2 to get, either the KJW CQB or the G&P WOC. The reason these are my choices is that I'm buying these second hand and both of them are essentially the same price
  2. Guges Mk3

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    Sadly neither. Parts support for both is rather limited.
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    Uller here on the forum has a rather large amount of experience with just about every GBB system released for airsoft and he does have a couple KJW GBBR’s, so I would suggest you send him a PM if you want some good info.
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    GHK are highly regarded, though expensive, and I have no idea how easy it is to source parts.

    WE will need regular attention (most gbbrs do) but have excellent parts availability. Plus they are competitively priced.

    Good luck with finding parts for VFC. I think they are probably overrated anyway.

    TM are once again the most reliable. The TM MWS will not need parts for years, provided you run it at Japanese power levels.

    Sorry, didn't read your post properly. As Guges said, finding parts for JKW or GP would be very hard. And they will need parts.
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  5. GrimWolf0770

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    There is always we tech m4,lots of spare parts and some upgrades.
  6. aotsukisho

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    Parts are available through Samoon, although check their shipping announcement as they currently cannot ship certain things to certain areas. Redwolf and US retailers may carry certain parts, as the M4 line was imported through Cybergun license.

    It is frequently stated that they are having fit and finish issues with their v2 line of M4s, which includes the more recent Block II/Mk1. The v1 M4s (which I own) has a glossy black finish that most people don't like. There are also v2 BGC/bolt stop parts, and at least two generations of mags (v2 feed lips can be modified to fit v1).

    Performance is excellent though, the system is very robust. Worked during drills at high elevation in the rain when VFC failed to cycle. The gas (120psi) mags are overengineered to the point where they can handle CO2 (800psi) with reversible valve changing. My GHK is my primary, the only major gripe I have is the difficulty of adjusting hop should you choose to install a free float rail as it's right under the barrel throat, usually underneath the barrel nut.

    My friend with a VFC SCAR-H said it is pretty much dead in the water due to his inability to find a replacement nozzle return spring. I am personally not happy with the VFC models I've used or seen (SCAR-H, HK416, Glocks), their high price makes dealing with headaches even worse.

    Generally speaking you are correct. There are certain flaws with the design or materials (buffer tube nut comes to mind) and be aware that these things are not really AR-15 spec in regards to the most common areas (barrel nut, buffer tube threads, dust cover, trigger guard). You also need an adapter ring from PTS/Prowin/etc if you plan on changing rails as the collar on the stock outer barrel is very narrow.

    I have not run mine long enough to provide good feedback on the platform but some guys on the UK forums were having bolt lock issues on propane. Supposedly there are 3+ generations of the Zet M4 though so I'm unsure if that was a problem only on the early ones. One of my Zets is having problems with a sticky trigger (won't return properly) and it seems to be a mildly frequent problem from the search results I found. Not surprising, as that trigger box is very tightly packed.

    Aftermarket for Marui systems are always the most extensive though.
  7. OrangeTJ

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    Unless you have a particular need for your GBBR to be a semi-realistic replica, I'd heartily endorse the GHK G5. I've put many many thousands of rounds through mine without a hiccup. Great gun and you can get every part for it you might ever need through Samoon on the off chance that you manage to break something. If you want something more reaslistic and are willing to spend a bit more, I'm very very happy with my TM M4 MWS. Fantastic gun, albeit a bit pricey. As they say, "buy once cry once".
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    I built a WOC challenge kit a few years back, when the G&P Gen II Stenag were just coming out. I built it, ran into a problem getting it to function, put it down, and forgot it. I picked it up a couple of months ago, and figured out that the magazine catch was the problem. I filed the catch down, and now it functions!. Finished the gun with a shrouded suppressor, and a short barrel(inner barrel 300mm). Looks great, and seems to be dead on for CQB play, but haven’t fielded it yet. I will repeat what was said before, finding parts is getting harder. The KA magazines don’t seem to fit(have one of the KA m4s too). I was lead to believe that they would work, which is why I bought the challenge kit.(G&P do work in the KA though). I had rebuilt all my KA mags a few years back, and then didn’t use them for the last couple of years(been raising babies). So now I have a beautifully built G&P WOC SBR build and only have 4 functioning mags. Finding new ones that will fit, has been challenging.

    I have an EMG KAC PDW(WE Tech) that runs like a deer( John Deere) with 6+mags. I’m not afraid to rebuild a trigger box now and then, so I figured I would pick up a used WE Tech M4 because parts are readily available, and I already have enough mags. I’ve generally treat my GBBs like my real steal guns by cleaning and maintaining them after every use. I also rotate through the them, so they don’t get as much wear and tear as someone with only one or two GBBs.

    If you are buying a used GBBR, make sure it has parts readily available, and that it functions. If the parts aren’t available, walk away. From looking at the their website, G&P seem to have decided that they are going to support the TM and abandon their own models. I don’t have any experience with KJW.

    What about the KWA LM4. Last I looked parts were available. Never had one. BUt all my sub guns from KWA work like Swiss watches....till I mod them......
  9. Guges Mk3

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    The WOC Mags are clones for the Western Arms M4.

    Now that TM has a GBBR...they chose to support them instead of the Firearms identical get that thing seized by the ATF WA Model.
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    I just got a kjworks m4a1 from gives and yes parts are hard to find, but I did find some in Taiwan, and the guns them sells are really nice, ghk has there g5 or around the same price, I would just get one. Also I highly recommend modifys pp2k I think guges has one for sale and I recommend him as well.