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    Well,I usually lone wolf on field cqb or not. But I've come to realize I want a three person squad, to assault troops (me and some other person, and a sniper 150 ft or so behind us. Due to my ways,when I attempt to lead a squad I fail horribly. (Mostly due to my inability to compensate for others when they don't do what I need then to) hence why I lone wolf. I want this squad to enhance my combat ability and others. Well, I don't know how to train other people. Or know what to look for when recruiting. I need all the help I can get.
    Also I've heard in general girls have more patience then guys so should I find a female sniper to recruit?or is this just a stereo type? Again all help is appreciated.
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    "In order to get 100% from those you lead, you must first give 110%." Just a leadership quote my ScoutMaster told me when I became SPL for the first time.

    In general, an airsoft team doesn't really need a "squad leader" my team doesn't and we cooperate great.

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    I see your point,but the leader thing isn't really an issue It's more so recruiting and training.
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    My recommendations for you is to start with proving yourself to others.

    Stop lone-wolfing, and start working with others. Support them when they move up.

    Tell them 'I'm covering you' - but you better actually be doing that.

    Watch the flanks of the guys on your side.
    Call out enemy positions - describe where they are, how many there are, etc.
    Hand your speed loader to someone who is out of ammo.

    If there is any command, or if you're really lucky a chain of command, find out what the orders are - what the mission is and what needs to get done - and tell other responsible people about it. Just relaying information from one group to another is a MAJOR CONTRIBUTION.

    And that's what a squad leader is - someone who contributes to others, so that they all become more effective.

    Nobody will trust you or follow you until you prove that you can CONTRIBUTE to them.
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    Very well said good sir. I couldnt agree with this any more. Often times I get asked to lead teams in some of our Hostage ops and other assorted barrel games, etc. Im talking +50 person teams. Why you ask? I dont believe it has much to do with my ability to lead or come up with a solid plan (skills learned from being an Eagle Scout), but much more my ability to be a great team player and earn peoples trust and respect. When people trust you, they'll follow behind you. In my opinon, Airsoft isnt about being a lone-wolf. You need a team to accomplish just about anything in this game and anyone that says otherwise is High on Star Trek farts. Once you've earned peoples trust you can begin working on tactics and start forming a team (or it might just happen on its own).

    Yes, I do understand you want fo conform to a team. I'm just making a point and trying to keep you convinced.

    As for the Sniper situation, no. Having a Sniper follow behind 150ft is silly and unpractical. If you're going to start a squad it needs to be a 4 man(or female) team that works in sync. Having somone tag along 150ft behind wouldnt do anything for you. You're much better off getting someone with a M240 Bravo, M249, etc, etc (Light machine gun).

    Your main thing with a squad is going to be keeping everyone together. Often times people start a match off with a group or team, and then by the end everyone is split up to all four corners of the world. Its rediculious. If you want to learn about tactics there is plenty of threads on here full of information on that matter. Or, you could yonder your way over to youtube and watch some videos of Milslim teams and work off of them (check out Green Moutain Rangers).
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    Being and Eagle Scout my self and a 2nd LT in the Army I can tell you that your intent is all wrong. The phrase "I want the team to enhance my combat abilities" is the wrong approach. A team, (a fire team of 3-5 men) should be the smallest element that approaches any objective, not 1 man. There is not I in team. That being said, good on you for knowing what you don't know.

    The best 3 things to train for an infantry style team is shooting, moving and communicating. You should train how you acquire targets, how your weapons are zeroed and what your sectors of fire are within your team. Moving is something that you have to practice and rehearse. No real military team any where does any major operation with out training and rehearsing the hell out of it, you should do the same as the leader. Communicating is any thing that allows one person to give another person information, whether that be hand and arm signals, radios, mores code, or fart signals it doesn't matter as long as every one is on the same page and communicates quickly and clearly.

    As for girls. Yes they are more patient of incompetence, but they usually lack the drive to do the hard things. Now this is a BROAD generalization and does not apply to every one. You should in an ideal world recruit people that you know will work well within a team. Your best bet to make sure no one HAS to be patient with you is to plan and prepare your self to run the team.

    As for snipers. Snipers are an elements that work as a 2 man team to support a platoon, company or even a battalion sized element and do not generally operate as part of a fire team. Most fire teams DO have a designated marksman that can shoot the best with their rifle and may have a better barrel or better optics on their rifle, but one member designated to carrying a long rifle that needs good support is impractical.

    The best way to make your team see you as their leader is to be the best planner and trainer. Be the one with the focus of "I need to keep these guys alive". If that drives your training and your discipline of the unit then you will have their respect as a trainer because they will see that you have their best interest at heart. That being said, do not teach them bad tactics or they will see through it and not respect you. If some one disagrees consider having a discussion about that topic, do not try to prove that person wrong or you will piss them off.

    If you have any other questions or would like a link to some FMs or books on how and what to train let me know.
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    Yes there is... see picture for example! :D

    on to the serious side, use the points in this thread and put them all together. They describe a SQL exactly as they should. You are not the boss but you make sure that your guys are ready to go 100%. Lead by example and find players that you know wont back down like you wouldnt.
    One of our guys is best at lone-wolfing and we put him on a leash and called him out on it and forced him to be 2nd in line so he couldnt venture out ahead. It takes practice to work with a team but you have to trust your team will be there for you and you need to be there for them
    Work at it, practice by joining a squad of guys and not lead. Make sure your conscious of the fact that you will want to move ahead on your own. Learn to trust others and make sure you follow the group. If you protect them, they protect you...

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    If you could name some books that would be great,I think I have the idea of what you all see to be saying,thanks.
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    This book is a simplified version of ranger manual content, written with more explanations and good photographs. Recommended.

    Try the USJTF for training material, too. Their stuff is produced by active military instructors, and is the highest quality I've seen made just for airsoft. It's thorough, so it can be intimidating. But it's broken down into steps.

    Finally, go to YouTube and search for terms like 'fire and maneuver', 'bounding overwatch', 'react to contact'. There's a bunch of great stuff, and a picture is worth a thousand words.