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    Fort hood
    First weapon joining community

    First I would like to say hello to everyone! I will be joining the airsoft community after i move to texas in a few weeks, the field is outdoor with a 400 fps cap. I'm looking for a reliable electronic primary. I don't have a lot of cash but i also don t want to roll out there and not be able to hit anything out of the box or for it to break constantly. Any help would be great thank you!
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  2. Tactical_Skittles

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    If you like M4 then get a JG.

    If you like AK then get a CYMA.

    Both brands produce reliable entry level guns for under $150, but avoid anything you see under $100.

  3. Steve116277

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    I second this. I have both a JG M4 and a CYMA AK and they are both tanks. They'll play well beyond their price.
  4. Hangtight

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    Both the above suggestions would be a good first choice. You can also add the G&G CM16 if you like M4s. All are worth a few choice upgrades, although I'm talking about doing the right work on the internals rather than buying 'upgrade' parts. Angle of engagement adjustment, properly shimmed, 16awg wiring, basic mosfet, Dean's connectors and an appropriate Lipo battery.
    If you want to customise the externals of the guns then there are parts available for both platforms, but there's a larger choice for the M4 variants.
    Don't forget decent ammo. Something like ASG 0.25g will be the most cost effective upgrade you ever make.
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    Fort hood
    Thank you everyone for the help in narrowing down the daunting list of brands and weapons that hit us newbies to airsoft!
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    First off......welcome to the Lonestar State!

    Just judging from your profile, looks like you're going to be playing in Kileen? I haven't been to any fields out there just yet but I know there are MILSIM games out there quite often so I'll make it out eventually.

    Not sure if your budget allows but if you want something out of the box that pretty much provides top notch performance and doesn't need upgrades, look at any of the Krytac Trident series. They're admittedly harder on the wallet, but worth every penny if you're going to be playing a lot. If you ever find yourself in the DFW area, check out D14 Airsoft up in Sanger. That's my "home" field and if you catch me out there, I'm happy to let you play a game or two with my Trident CRB MKII if it helps.
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    You can keep the stock wiring unless you're going to run an 11.1 lipo or a very beefy motor. While Deans also aren't really necessary, they'll last much longer than Tamiya's :D
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    Fort hood
    Thank you wh33ler if I get over that way which at some point I'm sure I'm going to as I can only find one field near me (temple). That price is not to bad with my 25% off for signing up to evike.
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