Fix my Bar-10, or buy an A&K SVD?

Discussion in 'Spring Powered Guns' started by epicguerillafighter123, Jun 6, 2015.

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    So... I've played airsoft for about 6 years now, and recently I've been noticing that I tend to enjoy sneaking and staying concealed in one spot much more than I enjoy fast paced firefights.

    Taking this into consideration, I've decided that I want to try using a sniper rifle again (as some of you MAY remember....) I used to use a sniper rifle in every game, but didn't use a scope, and tended to just use a sniper rifle in an infantry role.

    However, I believe that using a sniper rifle would be very enjoyable for me NOW, since my play style has changed somewhat.

    So I have a few options I'm considering.

    ONE: I can purchase an A&K SVD Springer and upgrade it with higher end hopup, piston, and piston catch (This would be the cheapest to upgrade, as the parts I mentioned are the only parts that matter all that much.)

    TWO: I can fix AND upgrade my JG Bar-10. It needs a new trigger sear, and it has no upgrades already, so this would likely be very expensive.

    THREE: I could just stick with my G&P M16A1, and do some minor modifications to make it more long distance. (modifying the FPS wouldn't be allowed, since it already shoots at a pretty decent 390...)

    Personally, after considering all my options, I'm leaning towards the SVD, since it's very simple to work with, and I have lots of experience with it, (dismantled it completely on more than one occasion.) It's robust and durable (unless you throw it on the ground barrel-first as hard as you can... believe me, I know...), and it already COMES with a tight bore barrel installed (which is, as they say in California, 'Hella long.')

    Also, I already have 3 magazines and a scope mount for it, soooo....

    So yeah. I'd like to hear some peoples' opinions.
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    I know this is pretty old, but I'm going to post this just in case you haven't done anything yet. I would fix and upgrade the bar 10. Reason being is that the bar 10 is much more versatile in upgrade parts, and I believe it has a higher upgrade potential. There's also an abundance of knowlege out there regarding the JG bar 10, which would make up for any lack of experience with the gun, because you could easily learn about it. You could do some research and buy a zero trigger for it instead of buying the SVD. That would fix your trigger sear problem, plus you'll have a nice trigger. You'll also have to purchase a 90 degree piston with the zero trigger, but if you're lucky it might come with one. Or, you could just replace the sear and upgrade the hop up and barrel, but if you did that you wouldn't be able to upgrade the spring without the newly replaced sear wearing down quickly, due to only being the stock 45 degree sear. But then again, you wouldn't necessarily need to upgrade the spring, so that might be okay. Anyways, I hope this helped and sorry if it's too late.

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    Yup listen to this guy. If you purchase the AA z-trigger it comes with a piston. I would recommend getting the AA hop up chamber as well. Action Army makes quality parts that are cheaper than PDI.
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