Fix + Sell or just Sell?

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  1. AsC1014

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    Hello everyone!
    I'm planning to offload an AEG for a GBB very soon. However, it has recently developed electrical problems (shorted trigger contacts/Semi won't work/user electrocution) and I am severely...

    ...inept concerning AEG internals. My question is: Should I have it fixed then sell/trade it, or skip the fix for reduced price?
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  2. 703

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    It's really up to you.
    I usually just post the items I have to see what intrest they get. If you don't get a lot of offers it might just be better to fix it.

    Another possibility is trading it for a GBB as is.

  3. AsC1014

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    Yeah, but would you trade a KWA MP7 for a Matrix AEG?