Flight Suit vs Combat Shirt?

Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by Scout_Master, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Scout_Master

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    I have noticed from many pictures that most airsofters prefer the combat shirt that is generally lighter than the ACUs. I have also noticed in my experience with Rangers that they prefer to wear one piece flight suits for a myriad of reasons. I have worn the flight suit during a few games and I prefer it over ACUs. What is the appeal of the combat shirt over a flight suit.

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  2. Southpawlegend

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    I would prefer a flight suit because Usually sniping and they're easy to make gil suits out of

  3. Knief

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    For me its about body temperature. Combat shirts are designed to allow your body to cool itself off the way it's meant to. By wicking moisture to the outer layer and allowing it to evaporate, your body gets that sweet sweet cool blast. I over heat a lot and don't absorb fluids as efficiently as I should, so combat shirts are almost a must for me. When I discovered them, I rejoiced greatly. Plus, they look much cooler than flight suits, and airsoft is at least 75% fashion show.
  4. MR38

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    They are also usually worn under a PC or even a larger chest rig so that your torso can have better ventilation better than ACUs and I'd imagin better that a flight suit.
  5. Scout_Master

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    So the answer that I am getting is, METT-TC dependent. Combat shirt is for warmer areas/seasons and the flight suit would be better for cooler areas and seasons.

    Missions and play styles also need consideration. CQB and mechanized operations would warrant a combat shirt.

    A field game in which the operator will be changing positions and crawling more often would warrant a flight suit to minimize rubbing and debris finding its way between ones trousers and blouse.

    Do any of the experts disagree with this summarized answer?
  6. hasmeen

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    I really want to get a battle shirt something lightweight where it doesn't get to hot!
  7. Shadow_Nugz

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    I always wear two piece clothing and have never had a problem with the shirt becoming untucked because I always have my belt wrapped around my waist a good amount.