Flying With Airsoft Gun Internationally

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    Hello guys, I would like to ask you a question about the flight procedures. I'm gonna tell my story and ask a question quick.
    I will fly to Turkey with a transfer in Ukraine from the New Jersey. I'm gonna fly with my mom and neither I and she don't know English well. I'd like to bring a JG BAR-10 with me but as I read, some of the other players were using special cases with non-TSA locks. I've been searching for a long time to find some information but unfortunately, I couldn't.
    Now I'm totally confused. Can someone explain me clearly, what am I gonna do when I arrive the airport? Do I have to declare a firearm just for a 120$ one piece, or maybe 2 or more with the scopes and magazines,? And should I use hardened expensive cases or can I use my normal checked luggage which I have my clothes in it?
    By the way, I'm flying within 4 days so I have to act quick.
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    My understanding was that a hard case with TSA locks was the best option.


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    Can it be broken down, and placed in your luggage? When I fly, my pistol (real steel) is locked in a gun case, unloaded, with a chamber plug in it. When I'm checking the bags, I discretely tell them there is a firearm in the piece of luggage. I fill out a form, and they put a tag on it. My only concern, in your case, is walking through international airports with a gun case.
    At the counter, be ready to show them it's an airsoft gun and not real.

    Have you asked the airpirt/airline?
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