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    So I wanted to get into airsoft for about 1-2 years, but im 16 and my mom isn't too into the idea of airsoft so I'll have to wait until I'm old enough to buy one myself. However I will be in College/University by then so I gotta ask: where am I gonna keep my gun(s)?! This is important since I have stuff I know I can't take on Campus, but I still wanna keep them. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    I'm sure that if you inform your college in advance, they will allow you to keep it somewhere. Some colleges also have an airsoft club or have a club near them that you could keep you gun. But the real thing is to tell them before hand so that they know you're going to have it.

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    Depends on your college and their rules. Speaking from a person who's attended 4 colleges and brought airsoft to those 4 as well as a few others, each college will be different.
    Check out the college's rules regarding paintball guns, nerf guns, and water guns. Many colleges don't recognize airsoft, so they typically fall under those various sports. ALSO check local laws. Local laws tend to trump college rules.
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    Perhaps at a friend's house nearby who plays airsoft.