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    So my friend want a new aeg. What he wants is it to be around $175 to $275.
    He want it to be unique and not common like a m4 or g36.
    He doesn't care whether it's metal or plastic body
    330 to 400 fps
    Good rps on a 9.6
    And the main thing is it has to fit either a 9.6 nunchuk or a 9.6 mini type battery.

    What do you guys think is the best option?
  2. TysonY2

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    There are Good CYMA Ak's for his options, and will fit his FPS standars stock. With the left over cash he could invest in a lipo to help his rate of fire.
    Any preferance of blowback or not? Some like it, some don't.
    There are also some nice m14's made by G&G if he's interested in something more along the lines of a DMR:
    It never hurts to have some leftover cash either for upgrades and a loadout..
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  3. motocross_guy

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    Ok thanks I'll tell him