For Sale: Korund and Defender 2 PC

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    I need to clear out space, so I’ll take a stab at posting these here too. Priced to sell, if there is no takers they will just be donated to local RusFor players. On with the listing:

    Korund: Mountain Flora pattern. Has the internal padding, as well as home made foam plates. It has seen some use and has some fading.

    Defender 2: Black color. Has internal padding, as well as throat and groin protector. No plates. I purchased this secondhand and only tried it on once.

    Both are reproduction carriers, I believe made by Bastion. Reason for sale is that these reproduction ones are too short for me, I need to buy a real fort defender sized to me. If you are shorter than 6’2” the length should be fine. They do have a good degree of adjustment, it just isn’t enough for me personally. Price is $165 shipped, I accept payment via PayPal. Price each will be $90 shipped if you want them parted out. I will only trade these for a boneyard RPK.


    Korund Front View

    Korund Rear View

    Defender 2 Front View

    Defender 2 Rear View
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