For Us Northwesterners

Discussion in 'Iowa Airsoft Forum' started by Shadow_Nugz, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Shadow_Nugz

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    Sioux City
    Hey all. I figured since there is a SW thread, we may as well have a NW thread!

    My name is Ryan and I am originally from Le Mars, which is 1/2 hour North of Sioux City. This summer, I cam across Siouxland Airsoft Complex, who own a former dormitory in Le Mars. S.A.C.

    Anyone else know of any good places round here?
  2. Jason5333

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    Souix Falls
    im from Rock Valley and we use the private land north or town. the cops here dont matter as long as im out there my dads the sheriff if you got a team it would be nice for a challenge some time