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    hey, guys!
    I have a team. it's called Fox Company (yeah, I know a lot of teams probably have that name, but yeah!)! we're a four man 'squad' it's way better then I expected. we (for the most part) have the same gear (Alice suspenders, belt, buttpack, canteen, ammo pouch(es), and eventually OD combat wear.)

    we have...

    Me: Team captain and CO, rifleman.

    My LT: he's my LT, and also the team Radio Telephone Operator (RTO)

    My Sargent: also my brother, and the team Marksman.

    My PFC: he's fairly new to the sport and is light infantry, mostly working with my brother as a sort of spotter.

    our team has a mascot too! guess what it is! a fox? that's right! She's a Furry, still gotta come up with a name. Alden Fox Company logo 001.jpg this is a rough sketch of our patch. currently being reworked in photoshop.

    Okay, I now have a mascot, a furry Vixen named Linda. Sorry I can't post a pic of her, only ones I have are of her naked, lol.
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    hey where are you guys located because me and one of my friends both have a sniper and i have an ak47 and are looking for a team to join i also have a 20 acre airsoft field in Illinois

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    Jackson county. I live in Carbondale. Also, we have a website. I'll send you a PM with the URL.
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